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Myopia is the technical term for nearsightedness, the condition that causes over 40% of Americans to see blurry far away while leaving their close-up vision clear. Myopia is usually the result of the eyeball simply growing too long from front to back (usually during our growing years). With each new generation, the rates of myopia are dramatically increasing, and the average amount of myopia is also getting worse and worse. Realizing this epidemic, researchers around the world are studying how and why myopia progresses. And of course, any new understanding helps us develop new ways to combat myopic progression. The process of attempting to slow down myopic progression as young people grow is called “myopia control.”

How We Can Help You

Every growing child is different, and the best strategy to slow down myopic progression varies from patient to patient. Our consultation will identify the most appropriate strategy for each case which can vary by age, lifestyle, activity level, maturity, and, of course, amount of myopia.

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Our doctors combined have over 25 years of experience with myopia control. While we didn't pioneer the practice, we've stayed on the forefront of emerging techniques and aim to utilize the latest research every day. We are constantly updating our tools, techniques, and even answers to common questions.

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